Building an application for a social platform?
Then youíve come to the right place. Iopsis builds applications & widgets for social platforms, blogs and other websites.
We work with product developers looking to leverage the viral-nature of social platforms; with small and medium sized start-ups looking to create new applications and services for the web (2.0) and with individual entrepreneurs looking to build applications and widgets for the social web.
And above all, we do this Quickly, Cleverly & Economically!
The number of applications and widgets available on social platforms like Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, iGoogle and so on are growing dramatically. And companies that have as few as one employee to large multinationals with thousands of employees are beginning to drive value and advertising dollars from their social applications and widgets.
We have a history of working with large Fortune 500ís to first-time entrepreneurs in bringing their Social Platform plans to reality. We understand the time pressures and the cost restrictions involved in getting product to market and we work with our clients to optimize both, so they can get their beta or versions 1.0 to social users quickly & without breaking the bank.
    How social networks are being used
              for applications
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