Who we work with.
We’ve been around since 2000. That’s 8 years of experience working with clients like:
Hewlett Packard | World bank | SUN Microsystems | Bank One | MySimon | Charles & Marie |
Din Startside and others.
and partners like:
Microsoft | Oracle | SUN Microsystems | HP | Pramati and others.
Featured Partner & Client:
Liveweaver is your personal online assistant.
Just type your instructions in English. Hit Go. And get your
results. LiveWeaver will be available in popular social
networks like Facebook.
 Visit Live weaver.com to see what we helped build.
If you would like to review some of our case studies and learn about past and current
projects (we’re very sensitive to our customers confidentiality needs & will only reveal public
domain information) drop us a note.
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