What we do for you?
"We値l help you evolve your idea. We have a ton of experience in the Web2.0 space and we often brainstorm with our clients and partners about their idea.
We値l be your extended CTO and Chief Architect. If you need us to be. If you are the business geniuses, have the killer idea but do not have the necessary technical skills to architect your product, we値l step right in.
We値l be your development team. Once we致e helped you with the architecture and specification for your product, we値l start building it for you. And we値l use our offshore teams to reduce your cost.
We値l be your QA team. We値l help you test the new code at a technical level & as your 訴nternal alpha team as well.
We値l help you deploy your new product. Once you are ready, we can help you deploy your application or widget(s) to your website, your preferred social networks, your blogs and so on.
We値l continue to be your development team. If you need us to. Once you致e created a great success of your product and potentially closed VC funding, if you so need, we値l still be there for you with an offshore development team, which Investors love.
Go ahead, get in touch with us with your plans, we値l tell you how we can help, give you suggestions from our experiences & help you build your new product.
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